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About Us

Mitchell Batteries commenced operating in April 1969, manufacturing lead acid batteries for automotive vehicles, home lighting and stand by systems.

John McGrath was proprietor, in partnership with his wife Marie. Batteries were sold throughout the Central West and most of Western NSW.

The ability to manufacture batteries from components enhanced a solid understanding of the practical science needed to produce a serviceable and reliable battery. The skill set to rebuild and/or repair batteries was extremely popular with the local farmer and fleet manager, especially given the cold Bathurst winter.

Imported batteries flooded the Australian market during the late 1980's and local manufacturing became uneconomical and therefore scaled down.

While many of the local battery manufacturers ceased business, Mitchel Batteries survived by offering excellent service and repair options to the man on the land.

In 1998 a formal company was formed with Peter McGrath as CEO. In 2002 a marine section was added - Tohatsu Motors and Marine Products are now retailed from the Mitchell Batteries premises. As expected, a repair service for all marine products offered.

As an added service, fishing licences and registration checks for boats (HIN Certificates) we also provided.

2008 the business was purchased from the McGraths by David and Kay Crawford. The same high quality of service standards has been maintained and the business continues to grow.

In 2010 an Auto Electrical workshop was added to the business, trading as BATHURST AUTO ELECTRICAL (0263325711).

This was added as a convenience to our existing customer base by providing specialty skills for specific auto electrical needs all at the one location.

Servicing Bathurst, Central Tablelands and Western NSW.

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